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International Natural Sausage Casing Association

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What is NANCA?

The North American Natural Casing Association (NANCA), formed in 1990, responds to issues and service needs that are unique to the North American segment of the industry. 

The NANCA Organization consists of a five-member Board of Directors, plus the immediate past President, directs policies with day-to-day administration by staff.

About the Industry

The natural casing market in North America is valued at $150 million annually. NANCA's members employ in excess of 2,000 individuals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

NANCA Purposes

  • To obtain legislation favorable to the industry's interests and prevent or change legislation deemed harmful at the local, state and federal levels.
  • To protect our industry from unfair trade practices by foreign countries and to work with member governments to ease trade among our member countries and throughout the world.
  • To address common industry problems encountered by management in the production, distribution and financial function of the natural casing industry.
  • To instill the principles of honesty and equity in the natural casing industry.
  • To promote activities aimed at enabling the industry to conduct itself with the greatest efficiency and economy.
  • To promote free communication among its members and to facilitate proper consideration and expression of opinion upon and dissemination of valuable business information.
  • To promote consumer awareness and increased consumption of natural casings.
  • To promote the general welfare of the industry and the accomplishment of any objectives which shall be recognized as proper and lawful objectives of a trade association, all of which shall be consistent with applicable laws, the public interest, as well as the interest of this industry and trade.
  • To promote cooperation with related trade associations.


Barbara Negron President
Phil Schwartz Vice President
Mike Wallace Secretary
Eric Svendsen Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Mike Wallace - Canada Compound.
  • Phil Schwartz - Casing Associates, Inc.
  • David Mayo - Oversea Casing Co.
  • Barbara Negron Leon Van Leeuwen Corp.
  • Eric Svendsen - International Casing Group, Inc.

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